Flea Circus

Oral history

Frank remembers the performing fleas, including the high wire act!

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We went to the flea circus that was another strange thing because it was probably one of the smallest things in Belle Vue, but when you went in they had a table, it was like Michael Bentine’s Potty Time where you see the sand moving and things like that.  And they had these fleas, the human fleas they were apparently and they use to feed them on his arm before it started and you could actually see the fleas filling up you know making them bigger so you could actually see what they were.  And he used things off charm bracelets you know the tiny little coaches and prams and stuff like that, and they had one of the fleas on a high wire walking across with a, holding a pin, how on earth they got them to hold these things I don’t know.  Then there was another one pulling a coronation coach.

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